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Alexander Adolf - Your CTO for Hire

Alexander Adolf is one of the pioneers of digital television in Germany. He spent most of his career in the digital multimedia broadcast industry where he worked on the broadcaster as well as on the consumer equipment sides.

He is a senior expert and systems architect for large scale software systems, able to handle complexity and change. He has experience in the client/server and embedded worlds alike. Due to his 15+ years of professional experience, and analytical and abstraction capabilities, he is a valued counsel to management, strategic marketing, business development and engineering. Speaking all their different “languages”, he is also capable of translating and mediating between these groups. He is experienced in coordinating and aligning software design and development with internal peer teams, external partners and subcontractors around the globe.

He is actively participating in international standardisation in the DVB Project. In 1997 he joined the DVB Project’s technical experts group TM-GBS. Since 2000 he is chairing this group, which defines the some of the central elements of the single most successful, global standard for digital television. In this role he is also experienced in interfacing with media politics and regulatory bodies.

Back in 1996 he entered the digital multimedia broadcast scene as he joined BetaResearch as Senior Software Developer. He participated in the development and commercial launch of Premiere, their head-end system and d-box™ receiver platform, the first digital Pay-TV service in the German speaking countries.

He then joined Micronas, a chip-maker for consumer electronics and automotive parts as Senior System Architect in 2001. He was responsible for Middleware and Application Software Concepts and conceived system architectures for consumer electronics devices, and derived architectures for Micronas’s highly integrated System-on-Chip VLSI products as well as strategies for their evolution road-map.

After the closure of the consumer electronics division at Micronas in April 2009, Mr. Adolf decided to become independent and offer his experiences collected while working for Pay-TV broadcasters, device manufacturers and in standardisation, as an independent consultant under the name of “Condition-ALPHA”.

He sees a great potential for digital multimedia services in the technology convergence towards the Internet Protocol IP. This lingua franca of the digital era enables a very low entry barrier for platform- as well as service-operators. From the consumers’ point of view this scenario offers a wide choice of interoperable and reasonably priced devices.

His consultancy offering is aimed at media enterprises like TV and radio broadcasters, publishers, movie studios or music labels, manufacturers of transmission equipment or consumer devices, consumer associations, media politics and regulatory bodies. The service portfolio stretches from strategy & technology recommendations, to assessment of emerging technologies for industry and politics, to product definition and system architecture, to design and engineering services for implementing multimedia products and services.

Mr Adolf is a member of the Association of German Engineers (VDI), and a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).