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Condition-ALPHA Digital Broadcast Technology Consulting Alexander Adolf
Gabelsbergerstraße 60b
80333 München

PHONE +49 89 523 141 63
MOBILE +49 151 127 221 24
USt-IdNr. / VAT-ID DE268430335


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Fingerprint: 44E1 C981 E6A6 0DB5 5FF8 8EDC 1FDD D364 F967 A862

If you have the capability to import keys from key servers, you can also obtain all our public keys via hkps:// (just search for the email address). You may also use their Web search form to find keys and import them manually like via the link above.

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Fingerprint: 3A:8F:58:C5:00:41:80:40:87:99:20:20:F4:8E:29:44:5B:5B:9A:F0
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Your Privacy (Including on Our Website)

We are based in the European Union, and hence all information we obtain from you is protected under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In the following paragraphs, we will explain what data we store about you, and when, and how we use it, and how you can get further information about data we stored about you.

How We Collect Your Information, What We Collect, and How Long We Store It

First and foremost: we never store any information about you when you visit our website.

We may collect information about how to contact you (name, job title, affiliation, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) which you actively give us, for example the information on your business card, in your email signature, or similar, when you contact us. Whether we keep your information stored, and for how long, will depend on whether we think you are still relevant to us as a business or personal contact.

Written communication we exchange with people with whom we currently have, or have had actual business relationships (for example because we worked in a project for you, or because you requested a quote from us), is subject to archival obligations under the laws of Germany (where our head office is), and we are hence required to keep for 10 years all documents pertaining to trade transactions (for example invoices, payment documents, contracts, and similar), and to keep for 6 years all other business related documents (letters, emails, etc.).

How We Store Your Information, and How We Use It

First and foremost: your information is used by us alone, and we never give it to anyone else.

All your information is stored on our computer system, which we use in our daily operations. These systems also hold our own data, and trade secrets. We hence employ all the same state-of-the art means to protect your data, just as we protect our own. Technically, some of these systems are operated by domainfactory GmbH for us as a service, and we have entered a data processing agreement with them, which puts all our data under the rules of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). domainfactory GmbH in turn outsource some of their services to third parties, and they have documented what they outsource to whom in their subcontractors list.

In any case, your information is accessible to our employees only. They will revisit your information from time to time, and compare it with other information about you which you make publicly available. This is to keep our information about you up to date. "Information about you which you make publicly available" means either:

  • information about you which we find on a public website we visit;
  • information about you which you publish on one of the social platforms (for example LinkedIn or Twitter) where we also entertain an account, either through one of our employees, or as as a company;
  • information about you which is available through your participation in a membership organisation (for instance an industry association, or a standards body), where we are also a member.

Your personal and business contact information will be used to contact you from time to time (usually by email or phone), as part of our customer relationship management process, and in order to keep our business relationship with you going.

How to Find Out More

If you wish to find out whether we have any information about you, and if so which, or to have your information deleted (if you must), please contact us using the contact information provided above.