Partners We Team Up With

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In order to provide a holistic solution to you and to reduce time and risk of misunderstandings by bringing all the relevant partners to the table from the beginning, we network and team up with other experts who provide complementary expertise and services:

Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems FOKUS is researching and developing demand-orientated solutions for partners in industry, research and public administration in the fields of

  • communication technologies and services and their interoperability
  • architectures and protocols of future communication networks and platforms
  • interactive technologies for individual and community applications
  • integration of processes and IT systems in eGovernment
  • methods for automating and optimizing software and system development in the fields of telecommunication and automotive engineering
  • measuring and testing of distributed telecommunication and software systems

Fraunhofer FOKUS supports innovative processes from the original concept to the (pre)product in companies and institutions – amongst others in the fields of telecommunication, automotive engineering, eGovernment and software development. Solutions developed by FOKUS and its partners are tried out, tested and demonstrated in laboratories. With an expertise of more than 20 years, Fraunhofer FOKUS sees itself as a link between university research on the one hand and industry and public administration on the other.

Fastcom Technology: The Smart Vision Company. Fastcom products are based on powerful algorithms, implemented on PC-based or embedded platforms. They are designed to provide ease of interconnection with existing monitoring systems, facilitating the trend towards system integration. Fastcom also provides engineering services for companies seeking customized solutions, in areas such as algorithmic developments or video compression on small footprint devices. Fastcom Technology provides companies and governments with the means to exploit audiovisual information automatically, increasing the effectiveness of their security procedures.

RT-RK Computer Based Systems LLC is a Research and Development company for product development in fields of consumer electronics, communications and multimedia. Our focus is on excellent customer support in customizing as well as close joint work on customer's products, sharing successes and risks on the market, and all that with attractive prices in different business models. RT-RK offers high quality software development services (off shore as well as on customer's premises) in the area of embedded software development. With the engineering staff of more than one hundred we are capable of handling projects of different complexity and magnitude. Close cooperation with the University of Novi Sad ensures further availability of IT expertise in our company.

Mandercom Consultants specialises in transmission and reception technology for digital television broadcasting - both satellite and terrestrial. We operate in the following areas:

  • Satellite Earth Station design, both uplinks and downlinks
  • Communal Aerial Systems: MATV and IRS
  • Industry Associations and Standards Bodies
  • Technical training