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We Make Things Fit Together - Our Consultancy and Professional Services

Our goal is to develop a working solution for you and with you. Not only a working solution, but also one that makes sense to you. We can help you tie things together taking into account technologies, markets, regulators and politics. We can also help you close the gaps in your product design. Both are enabled by more than a decade of experience in standardisation, lobbying and engineering.

We specialise in the digital television and digital multimedia industries.

We offer daily rates based on the type of consulting you need. Please inquire us for details.

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Consulting Services

Standardisation Support - With over 20 years of experience in working at all levels in SDOs (standard defining organisations), we will help you to get the most out of your standardisation activities. We can represent your interests in standardisation bodies, industry fora or implementation groups, or just keep you posted on the latest developments and give you heads-up whenever your interests are touched.

Politics and Regulation Support - Need to evaluate new services for your country’s digital platforms? Want to introduce digital TV/radio in your country? Want to determine how much and what regulation will foster market development? With our experience in interfacing industry with SDOs and regulatory bodies, we can help you contact the right people on the matters that matter for your business. If you are a public decision maker, we can also translate the other way round for you and help you get the desired results out of your tenders to be issued.

Senior Expert Strategy Consulting - What is the next emerging technology that will prevail in the market place and why? Should your organisation’s strategy be adjusted to take advantage, and if so, how? With our ample experience at the interface point between engineering and management, we can translate both ways and help you understand your environment better and make better informed decisions.

Senior Expert Technology Consulting - How can you embrace the new technology in your system architecture? How should you design your system to be able to incorporate new features when they will be asked for? With our ample experience at the system architecture level across the whole chain, from chip to receiver, to head-end to security, we will assist you developing expandable, flexible and robust designs. We will help you avoid pit-falls, show you where hooks for future extensions are needed and where optimisations are possible. When you are planning to introduce new technologies, we assist you all the way from feasibility study, to impact analysis, to training, to coaching, to the lessons-learned-report.

Senior Expert IT Security Consulting - How achieve "security by design" in your products? How identify threats, and harden your products before they get attacked? How to keep products secure over their entire life cycle, ensuring that there will not be any successful attacks? With our 20 years of experience in system security for embedded systems, and for server-based back-office systems, which we gained in designing, developing, and deploying pay-TV solutions around the world, we can help you stay ahead of the curve in the race against hackers and criminals. We will help you secure the whole chain, from development environment, to system architecture, to chip-set, to PCB, to embedded software, to secure protocols, to server software, to physical security.

Product and Market Definition - Wondering what it would take to make a product for a new market? Should you also incorporate the great new feature you saw at the trade show? What would all this cost? With our experience in Europe, USA and Asia, we can help you understand the requirements and implications for your product or service. We can translate from marketing speak to engineering speak (and vice versa) to help your organisation understand the implications and the impact of those acronyms on your business.

Training Services - You are hiring freshmen and need to get them up to speed? You need to migrate teams to new technologies? You want to update your executive team on the latest developments in SDOs and the marketplace? As we are constantly monitoring the leading edge developments, we can provide you comprehensive training sessions, from standard introductory classes to fully customised training for your particular needs. We will perform the trainings at your site in English, German, French or Spanish.

Professional Services

Software Development Process, Tools and Best Practice - Hearing your CEO say that engineering is always late? Your developers are complaining about too much friction? With our track record in software development since the mid 1980s from embedded to client/server, we can identify the bottlenecks and pit-falls at your site. Sometimes unleashing the potential of your engineers can be strikingly simple. We can help you open the hose.

Software Design - Wondering how the marketing slides should translate to software? And how the software should be designed so that the next set of marketing slides will not put you back to square one? With our cross-functional view we can help you being prepared for tomorrow’s requirements and feature requests today.

Software APIs - A good design can still be compromised if the abstraction provided by the APIs is not the right one. With our experience in embedded and client/server developments alike, we can help you find the sweet spot.

Software Implementation - Excited about the new design but still busy with getting the previous system productive? We can help you realising a proof-of-concept fairly quickly by combining our resources with skilled and trustworthy partners. Expect a prototype that demonstrates the key features, accompanied by top class documentation so you can kick off the development on your side as soon as internal resources become available.